Wooden Journals for Writers and Artists

Collecting journals is something I took up in my childhood long before I became an “official” writer, but up until recently I had never seen a wooden cover journal. I’m not sure how these passed me by, but here are a few of my favorite wood cover journals that I’ve stumbled upon.

mwmemoriesofwoodThis Unique mini journal with carved match wood covers is made to order. It comes from the etsy shop MWmemoriesofwood which has a beautiful and creative selection of wooden cover books for all types of artists.

foxjournalwoodThis handcrafted wood covered journal comes from a shop called Cardtorial, found on amazon and etsy. I had a really tough time trying to decide which one to feature because all the journals were beautiful and unique. I choose to feature this fox one because I am personally buying it. But I’m almost certain it won’t be the only journal from them that I add to my collection.


JonathanDayArtBook is an etsy shop that hosts some of the most elegant yet simple art books and this one is no exception. The contrast of leather and wood, the minimalism, and hefty size makes this journal perfect for ones artistic pursuits or something to add to their bookish decor.

These two charming journals come from the same etsy shop: Creating. I love the name of the shop as well as the items it carries. These journals are so rustic and wild looking that they almost look alive as if the tree that made them is still breathing, whispering its tale. It’s easy to imagine myself writing woodsy adventure plot notes in them.


I just adore the color of this aged wood cover journal from PereyaslavskayaArt Whether you choose to write your daily thoughts, scribble some doodles, or just place it on your coffee table as part of your aesthetic, this journal is sure to catch eyes. It’s simply beautiful.


If a simple and affordable journal is all your looking for then look no further than MSquarePress. Their handcrafted journals are perfect for the artist in your life.

Do you have a favorite among those featured?

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