Tom and the dragon

Deep in the valley where the river runs red
Lives a green eyed dragon everyone dreads
If you get too close he’ll bite off your head
Best to stay indoors instead

But this advice Tom did not heed
He rode to the valley on his fastest steed
For tom was a man made of greed
The dragon’s riches he wanted indeed

He wished to slay the dragon and take his gold
The village called him stupid and bold
Tom was a fool truth be told
But he wanted to impress Marigold

The dragon knew Tom was near
He waited patiently with nothing to fear
He would make Tom disappear
The way he did to men who tried to profiteer

Tom raised his sword as he rode fast
Fearing this day would be his last
The dragon laughed out a fiery blast
Tom’s steed became aghast

He threw Tom off and galloped away
Tom however decided to stay
The dragon was delighted to play
The death of Tom would make his day

Tom fell on his knees begging for mercy
The dragon looked at him fiercely
Tom shook and begged fearfully
The dragon bit of his head swiftly

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