the scarfHannah Wong is a fifteen year old girl that often feels invisible. All she wants is a little more respect from her peers. But when she find a scarf that give her the ability to actually become invisible Hannah uses it to her advantage. Will this new power help her get the attention she craves or will it cause more problems?

Find out by reading: The Scarf

The Scarf: Chapter 1

The Scarf: Chapter 2

The Scarf: Chapter 3

The Scarf: Chapter 4

The Scarf: Chapter 5



bnnaBecky Allen is theĀ  object of Kevin Craft’s heart. Becky however only likes girls. Kevin is determined to get over her and get a date for prom but he begins to learn from the girls that he dates that love can quickly become complicated by sex.

Boys need not apply is a witty novelette that highlights different forms of sexual identities and relationships.






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