Scavenger Hunt

hunting for myself

looking for the pieces I lost

somewhere back in time

when the days were gold

nothing holds me upright these days

sifting through the mess I made

miss my baby’s kiss in summer heat

how you lit up my world

like the forth of July

Notes: I decided to name this poem after finding the  song below on soundcloud. The title just seemed to fit. The poem is about someone who lost themselves in love. It was a brief fling but they were deeply affected by it, and still wish it could have worked. They know they need to heal from it but in order to do that they need to regain themselves. Like a scavenger hunt, they are searching for the parts of themselves they so easily gave away. The song gives the feelings I had when writing this. It’s not a personal poem, but I think many of us can relate to the idea of searching for ourselves and wishing we could go back to simpler times.

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