Perpetual Spring

I’m sorry if I don’t say the right things or do things correctly. I’m not as romantic as you. Though I do love you. You have stars in your eyes and petals at your feet. You live in a state of perpetual spring while I have to go through all the seasons. Sometimes, I’m bursting with color. I’m all the things you’ve ever wanted. Other times, I’m a monochromatic mess and can’t find the bright side of anything. You take it all because that’s your nature…to see the beauty in all. I’m trying to learn that from you. I’m trying to adopt your sense of fearlessness with love and joy. But I’ll always be a few steps behind. I’ll never be without my thorns. Life will always have a practical ugly side to it that makes me want to wretch and forces me back to bed. That’s where you come in. You can coax me out, or better yet crawl under the covers with me.

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