None of us were made to last

rule time

Hearts break so easily; moments end so fast; memories alter with time. We are so fragile. None of us were made to last.

Isn’t how funny how much we strive? We want everything and we it to be the way we want it, never changing, never ending.

We are so aware of our mortality that we spend our lives trying to leave a lasting impression to remind the world or our existence, all in an attempt to find some form of immortality.  But time keeps tapping on our shoulder, reminding us that nothing lasts forever. Morning becomes night, spring becomes fall, life becomes death.

The stresses that we put on ourselves are are never worth it. It doesn’t change the fact that you are fading. Your beauty regime, successful business, thousands of friends on facebook, none of that will convince time to spare you.

That doesn’t mean we should stop living. If anything it just means to give your all, love every moment and embrace both the beginning and the end of the chapters that make up your life. It’s not worth it to spend one’s life feeling negative, fearful, or even hateful. This is your time and it is the only time you will ever have.

If we stopped seeking forever, and truly gave ourselves to the present, time would not rule us. That anxiety one feels when they feel age creeping towards them would all but vanish because they would know that nothing matters more than being alive. All the things they place in such high regard like youth would seem trivial compared to the sheer bliss of experiencing a moment fully in the present. We cannot predict tomorrow. Things change so fast. None of us were made to last. We were simply made to live the best we can for as long as time will allow.

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