Just say you’re ok

you pretend everything is ok

to make it through another day

but in the darkness of the night

you release the tears and pause the fight

you’ve been crushed and crumbled in every way

but still you say you’re doing ok


The sad part about life is we’re often left to leave our problems at the door. Act professional, act happy, act normal. Act. We rarely go into detail about what’s bothering us. Are we scared of how people will react, or have we seen the reactions often enough to know that sometimes it’s best to just say you’re ok.

I often see people bashing others who express their fears and sadness on social media sites. I’ve never understood this. That platform may be the only place that person feels safe enough to ask for help or release pent up feelings. They don’t deserve to be called “attention seeker” “fake” or “weak

It makes one feel as though there’s no room for any other emotion except happiness. Last time I checked I’m human and not all my days are perfect. I have moments when I’m angry, sad, afraid. We all do. It’s a part of living. It’s essential to living to know what ticks us off just as much as much as what makes us laugh.

But instead of feeling as if we can rely on others for comfort. We bite our tongues and bury it deep down, until late at night when the world is asleep you let a few of those stashed tears fall, until you find yourself crying yourself to sleep.

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