In Search of the Rose Notes by Emily Arsenault Review

In Search of the Rose Notes by Emily Arsenault Review

This will probably be a short review because although I enjoyed Emily’s writing style and feel she laid out a very good plot, this book just didn’t leave me with much to say. The book alternates perspectives between an adult Nora and her preteen/teenage self. It was well written and easy to follow. The trouble is, it was a little boring.

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What is it about: At the age of 11 Rose, the baby sitter of Nora and her best friend Charlotte goes missing. The two girls try to use paranormal techniques to try and find her to no avail. Now in their 20s, Rose’s body has been found and the two former best friends use it as an excuse to reconnect, since Rose is the only thing they have in common now. The trip back to her small town of Waverly forces Nora to face some memories she was trying to put behind her.

The book is supposed to be a mystery, and it does successfully keep the reader engaged enough to try and discover what happened to Rose. But more than a mystery or thriller it’s about the dynamics of two girls and the disintegration of their friendship. Anyone who has every gone through a “friendship breakup” might be able to relate to this book. That feeling of just not connecting to someone who was such a big part of childhood is well portrayed in the story.

However, despite the great writing style, life-like characters, and well laid out plot, I felt rather indifferent to the book once I reached the end. Perhaps this was because I was expecting a mystery and it fell short. It just didn’t have an impact on me. It’s by no means a bad book. It’s a great book that makes Emily’s talent very obvious but it’s not making it on my lists of faves.


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