Book Haul And Why I Avoid Series Books

I’m sorry for how late this haul post is. I actually bought these early February but was so caught up in writing my online story The Scarf, that I forgot to share my recent book purchases.

Most of these were cover buys with the exception of Go Ask Alice which I have always wanted to read. I bought them all at a thrift store and had I not found them there I probably would not have given them a chance because I don’t like series books. I usually avoid them like the plague. I simply prefer stand alone books. I don’t generally like reading 3-4 books just to find out what happens at the end.

With so many books being part of series, that limits the number of books that I could potentially read. I have read and enjoyed series in the past. I have nothing against them except for the fact that I don’t like spending too much time with one author. I’m not a fast reader, so if I have to read several books by one author then I don’t get to read stuff by other authors as soon as I would like.

I also hate leaving books unfinished, which means even if I don’t love the book I still want to know how it ends. Thus, if the series is 7 books long that’s 7 books of potentially painful miserable reading that I have to endure. Even though I am not enthusiastic about the fact that most of the books in this list are part of a series, I am excited to read them anyway.

What are your thoughts on series books?

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