American Girl

American Girl is a collection of six micro stories about six girls who lead very different lives. They are all connected in one way or another and are all trying to get through this thing called life. You may see longer versions of stories involving these characters in the future. 

Minnie She gets sick of being asked where she’s from when she has never been anywhere outside of New York. Her friends think she is morbid because she finds serial killers fascinating. But when your abusive mother is suddenly killed by one you get a little fascinated. She hopes to be a rap star one day and take her older brother on a tour around the world. Until then, you can find her in the underground clubs dancing till the sun comes up.
Theme song: Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band

Calixta It’s not easy living in an overly religious family when you don’t believe in anything. But she believes in love and she believes in friendship. She believes that one day she’ll make the cover of Vogue. If she can just stop taking cocaine long enough to see straight she might catch her big break.
Theme song: You wear it well by Rod Stewart

Ester How does a girl with a genius IQ make so many stupid choices? That’s what everyone asks her. She blames it on her drug dealing boyfriend. Her parents asked her to choose. She chose him and found herself doing 2 years for helping him out. She still loves him no matter what people say about him. All she wants is a simple life. A small apartment, a cat, and to go on a road trip with her boyfriend across the midwest.
Theme Song: Sunshine of your love by Cream

Kristel Her daddy goes out every Tuesday night. One day she decided to follow him and found him having sex with her algebra teacher, Mr Cliff. Never told his secret, not even to her stage 4 cancer patient mother. Instead, she’s been bribing Mr Cliff because college isn’t going to pay for itself and Mr Cliff had 3 other lovers. How dare he cheat on her daddy.
Theme Song: Come Together by The Beatles

Adela Feels invisible in a family of 7. Being stuffed in as the 5th child doesn’t exactly make you stand out. But she does stand out to Cory, the guy whose been stalking her for 5 months, leaving her lurid notes in her mailbox and inbox. She knows she should do something about it. But she likes the attention. She likes that someone notices her, even if he is a psychopath.
Theme Song: Little Wing Jimi Hendrix

Sophie She’s been on the streets since she came out. She wasn’t the girl her mother raised. She was meant to be a beauty queen not a vessel for brandy and whiskey.  When you see her busking in the subway you’d never know that’s she’s from a prominent family. But image matters to them and Sophie’s lifestyle is a little too unconventional for them. Her father drops a few coins in her hat everyday on the way to work. His secretary thinks he’s the most generous man. Sophie thinks he’s the scum of the earth.
Theme Song: What is and What Should never be by Led Zeppelin

How they’re connected: Minnie’s brother, Cory is Adela’s stalker. Adela used to be good friends with Ester, before Ester went to jail. Ester’s boyfriend deals to Calixta. Calixta was in the same algebra class as Kristel and was one of Mr Cliff’s lovers. Kristel had a brief fling with Sophie.  Sophie sings at one of the clubs Minnie goes to.




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