I don’t want to think. I just want to feel.

Those were the words I spoke to myself as I created December Monologue. I was growing tired of all the advice and inspirational crap that was saturating my life and simply wanted to return to heartfelt feelings–both good and bad. Rather than a niche blog, December’s Monologue is a mood blog.

The visual, textual, and audio content is meant to incite feelings and moods. It contains works (mostly by me…for now) that help to connect you with your core. While a number of the material is thought provoking, it is not intentional–highly celebrated, but not intentional. This is not one of those overly smart blogs that tries to change the world one rewritten article at a time. It’s more a place to unearth the soul, its thoughts and its feelings.

From the right angle it’s all beautiful

December is all about the beauty of life, love and even suffering. It showcases and celebrates all forms of beauty, conventional and not…especially not. It asks you to examine and reexamine your definition of beauty and see how that definition can be expanded.

Take a walk through the imagination of another and see if you can find yourself there

December Monologue promotes connection. There is a beauty that comes from relating to someone else–their ideas, their visions, their life. This blog is for people who want to discover and connect with  the works of others

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